Some things you just can’t nail to perfection.


I thought the recent Avatar movie was awesome. And I could only imagine what our world would look like if we commuted with animals just as they do in the movies. Midjourney AI helped me render out some cool example of animalistic vehicles comparable to the Avatar universe by James Cameron. I hope you enjoy my work! This blog also gives you a little gift on the left side, an example of what I can imagine most other AI lovers have, crunching hours on a project and just not getting as close as you want to.

Midjourney imagines eagles

Ofcourse when you start imagineering something like this you start with things that are shaped like other things. Which is actually something that my head always does. So yeah planes look like eagles, some planes are actually created with birds as an example because they’ve evolved to nail that aerodynamics thing that’s so important to keep them in the air. I think AI really merged the bird and plane well together, and it has some cool things like the claws that seem to grasp the wheels, and the flaps that stick out under the wings. Absolutely love this AI render.

Ai Shark

Cool things that go fast in the sea, sharks. I absolutely love sharks and have been impressed by them since I was a child. It would be really cool to ride a shark if they just wouldn’t rip you to sheds. Midjourney also created a really nice scene where the diver does a jump out of the water. I guess that’s because a lot of jetski photos show the jetski making a jump. I also love how the AI combines the biological parts of the shark with the mechanical parts of the jetski. Perfect Ai execution. Also love how the yellow body kit/paint was done.

Ducks are cool

So the shark rider thing was lovely and I thought the way AI put the person on the shark as a vehicle was very realistic. I wanted the same thing, but in the air. Also an animal that wouldn’t eat you. Ducks seem friendly, so I gave it a go and within a few prompts I had the most awesome result. I think it’s very realistic how the character is sitting on the duck. He seems like a real scruffy pilot that loves his duck transportation. The combination between duck and water plane seems very realistic too. I’ve tried to photoshop the wheels out of the image but it didn’t turn out well and I decided I loved it instead.

A bit closer to Avatar

The sea animals were really impressive in Avatar. I thought the concept of really giant animals was also very appealing, so I tried to realize a version that could transport much more people, and the concept of a cruise ship came in mind. Midjourney AI merged the cruise ship and a whale really well together and it really gives a vibe that the whale creature is working with the humans here for mutual benefit.

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