Dutch female samurai holding a sword and wearing a headdress and delfts blauw patterned kimono

Clashing Cultures & Unwritten History: Imagineering samurai from other cultures with Midjourney AI

I love it when worlds collide. When things that are totally different come together the results are sometimes incredibly cool. As someone who loves games and action I’ve always thought samurai and the Japanese culture were really awesome. A thought popped up in my mind. What if we had something like that, but originated from other cultures. Different cultures have their different stylistic expressions, fashion choices, icons, symbols and look different as people all together. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do.

Midjourney recognises cultural styles very well

As a Dutch person it was really cool to imagine Dutch samurai with AI. I’d think about names, fashion and style from history. I also couldn’t happen to imagine my grandparents being badass samurai looking like this. I love how Midjourney AI combined the cultural styles and colours, I did add in the prompt to add the Delfts Blauw pattern and absolutely love the results, especially in the dress and headdress of Geertruida. They also came so alive to me that my mind instantly started giving them names, might be a bit stereotypical, but I really don’t mind that.

Dutch male samurai wearing the dutch colours on his armour


Dutch female samurai holding a sword and wearing a headdress and delfts blauw patterned kimono



For the USA it’s logical that Midjourney AI made our friends a bit more modern, their history simply goes back less. But that’s what, in my opinion puts these among the coolest of the bunch. I love how AI gave them this “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” vibe. A real settlers meets samurai collaboration. Midjourney also made the flag more prominently visible in all iterations I got before the end result. Americans love their flag, and AI knows it.

American samurai wearing the american flag on his outfit carrying a sword


American female samurai in armour carrying the flag of the United States


Mexico: Midjourney loves lace

Midjourney clearly knows details. I love how in both of our Mexican friends the detail in the lace of the clothes pops out. Gives it a genuine Latin historical feeling. I also love how they made the sombrero jagged, as some kind of helmet. The woman here is one of my favourites. I love how Midjourney did the white flowers in her har, and her makeup. When she is coming for you your days are definitely counted.

Mexican male samurai wearing a sombrero


Mexican Female samurai wearing cultural face paint


Midjourney AI

Midjourney AI is a really cool Discord-based AI text-to-image tool. Try it out via the link below. The first few tries are free and after that there is a subscription fee. Pro tip: Get the middle tier, this stuff is so addicting you will go through 200 prompts in an hour.

Try Midjourney here

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